Sermons For Easter Sunday And Holy Week 2022

I often follow a thread or theme through Holy Week to Easter. This year I focused on self-betrayal, the ways in which we turn away from ourselves and our lives, and live less than who we truly are. It will be easier to see and follow that theme through these sermons if you begin with the Palm Sunday sermon. Thank you for reading and supporting Interrupting the Silence. Alleluia. Christ is risen.

Nobody Wants To Come To Holy Saturday – A Sermon On Matthew 27:57-66

Jesus descends into hell, breaking down the gates, and releasing Adam and Eve. "Resurrection" by bobosh_t is marked with CC BY-SA 2.0. Nobody wants to come to Holy Saturday. Look around. Very few show up on this day, and most probably do not even know there is a liturgy for this day. I don’t blame them, I understand.  Not much happens today. The liturgy is short, maybe twenty minutes. The church is empty and bare. There are no decorations,…

Waiting – A Sermon On Matthew 27:57-66

Here’s my question. What are you waiting for? And what is your hope on this day? The thing that makes Holy Saturday so difficult, that makes this gospel text so unsatisfying, that leaves my sermon lacking is that there is no resolution. There is only waiting.  You’ve had days like that, so have I. And sometimes it’s not just a single day of waiting. It’s weeks, months, years. Our life has been changed and it’s no longer like it used to be. We wait and wonder what’s next or if there will be a next. We wait and wonder when it will get better or if it will get better. We wait and wonder how we will ever live again or if we will.

Holy Week And Easter In The Season Of COVID-19

Whether it is the four seasons of the year or the seven seasons of the liturgical year, each season is a lens through which we see and experience life. Each season offers a unique perspective on life, highlights certain events, and emphasizes particular activities. This year, in addition to the usual and familiar seasons, there has been another season, the Season of COVID-19. It has changed the way we see the world, others, and ourselves.…

Not Sorrowing As Those Without Hope – A Holy Saturday Sermon On John 19:38-42

Holy Saturday is an in between day. It’s the day after Good Friday and the day before Easter. What was is no longer and what will be is not yet. If Good Friday is the day of the loss, Holy Saturday is that day when the reality of the loss begins to set in. And I’ll bet you know what that’s like.

Sitting In Opposition – A Sermon On Matthew 27:57-66 For Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday - Matthew 27:57-66 I am always struck by the contrast between this day, Holy Saturday, and the rest of Holy Week. The crowds, shouting, and turmoil of Good Friday have given way to silence and stillness. There is no meal or intimacy like on Maundy Thursday. The excitement and hope of Palm Sunday’s triumphal entry have ended with two women and a sealed tomb.  Look around. The chapel is bare and sparse. No…

What Have You Laid In The Tomb? – A Holy Saturday Sermon On John 19:38-42

“They laid Jesus there,” in the tomb (John 19:42). At one level that’s a literal-historical statement of what happened next. At another level it’s about you and me. We’ve all come to the tomb. We’ve laid in the tomb our family and friends, loves, hopes, dreams, relationships, parts of our selves and our lives. I wonder, what have you laid in the tomb this Holy Week? This past year? 

Hell Yeah! – A Holy Saturday Sermon on Matthew 27:57-66 and Job 14:1-14

Job 14:1-14 Matthew 27:57-66 “If mortals die, will they live again?” (Job 14:14) That’s Job’s question. It’s a Holy Saturday kind of question. It’s a question all of us ask on the Holy Saturdays of our lives. Jesus was crucified, killed, yesterday. His body was placed in a tomb. A great stone was placed over the entrance. The woman sit opposite the tomb. They do nothing. They say nothing. They just sit. Then comes the…

The Morning After – A Sermon for Holy Saturday

Jesus’ body has been taken down from the cross, received into the hands of his mother and friends. They have wrapped his body in their love and laid him in the tomb. The door of the tomb has been replaced by a great stone. (Matthew 27:57-66) This is not only a story about Jesus. It is a story about the deaths and losses of our lives. We all have been there. Some still are. Today the…

Lamentations for Holy and Great Saturday

In a grave they laid Thee, O my life and my Christ; and the armies of the Angels were sore amazed, as they sang the praise of Thy submissive love. How, O Life, canst Thou die? Or abide in a grave? For Thou dost destroy the kingdom of death, O Lord, and Thou raisest up the dead of Hades realm. Now we magnify Thee, O Lord Jesus, our King; and we venerate Thy Passion and…

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