Growing Up

Forward Day by Day, Luke 2:49, Growing Up, Jesus in the Temle

Forward Day by Day, Luke 2:49, Growing Up, Jesus in the Temle

Luke 2:49. “[Jesus] said to them, ‘Why are you searching for me?
Did you not know that I must be in my Father’s house?'”

Growing up isn’t limited to children or a particular age group. Regardless of age, we are all in the process of growing up, and that is hard work. Ultimately, growing up is about running away to our Father’s house.

Sometimes growing up means leaving our physical or geographical home. Growing up always involves an interior move—a move that requires us to examine and re-prioritize the values, beliefs, and relationships that give our life meaning and significance. Maturing means letting go of identities that are limited to our biological family or family of origin, job, community, reputation, ethnic group, or political affiliation, and explicitly trusting that who we are is God’s beloved.

Twelve year old Jesus is growing up. Aging and growth are not the same thing. Aging happens to us but growth requires our participation. Are you different today than you were a year ago, three years ago, thirty years ago? No doubt you’ve aged, but have you grown?

*Originally written for and published by Forward Day by Day.

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