Where Do You Get That Living Water?

Forward Day by Day, John 4:11, Samaritan Woman, Living Water, Thirst

Forward Day by Day, John 4:11, Samaritan Woman, Living Water, Spiritual Thirst, Woman at the Well

John 4:11. “The woman said to [Jesus], ‘Sir, you have no bucket and the well is deep. Where do you get that living water?’”

The Samaritan woman’s question about living water is not just a question; it is also a confession. She doesn’t have “living water” and doesn’t know where to get it. I know this woman, and I understand her. Maybe you do too.

I have plunged my thirsty bucket into many a well, as I suspect we all have. I can see the tempting lips of the wells of relationships, work and busyness, success, accomplishment, reputation, perfectionism, easy answers and well-earned control. I’ve drunk deeply from each of them. I left just as thirsty as when I arrived.

The living water Christ offers is not found in wells of opinions or words, of what I have accomplished, or of my self-made security. The living water Christ offers gushes from a holy spring within each of us—within our Samaritan sister. That bottomless well, primed by the Holy Spirit, has always been there.

*Originally written for and published by Forward Day by Day.


  1. Read isiagh 48 I also came empty until Christ interceded for me to God isiagh 48.god said I decide on your deliverance I attempt and all is due.i felt relieved and filled with faith cause God made my struggle easier to bear.

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