Leaving It All Behind

Forward Day by Day, Genesis 12:1, Abraham, Abram

Forward Day by Day, Genesis 12:1, Abraham, Abram, Letting Go, Spiritual Journey

Genesis 12:1. “Now the LORD said to Abram,
‘Go from your country and your kindred and your father’s house to the land that I will show you.’”

Many hear God’s call to Abram as a call to a new place. I wonder if that’s also how we listen for God’s calling in our own lives.

What is my destination? How do I get there? To where is God calling me?

Maybe we are starting with the wrong questions. Read the verse from Genesis again. God focuses on what Abram must leave behind—country, kindred, his father’s house.

These things Abram leaves behind are more than just tangible items, geographical locations, and relationships. Ultimately, they form Abram’s identity, security, and place in community—they are the concrete things he knows about life, about himself, and about the world. God will now be the giver and provider of context and content for Abram’s life.

Every journey whether physical, emotional, or spiritual begins with leaving something behind. Maybe the reason we feel like we never get anywhere new in life is because we are unwilling to leave anything, much less everything, behind.

*Originally written for and published by Forward Day by Day.


  1. This spoke straight to my heart. I’m always willing to go where God wants, but am I leaving what I need to behind me? Wow. Thanks for opening scriptures up in a new way each day. (Ps. You can call me Jenny. Perhaps I should consider updating my blogging alias).

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  2. Sent that too early by accident! Mike:Another great one, as usual.   As I think about all the things He’s helped me leave behind, many early on that I didn’t even know He was involved in and guiding me through and to and beyond.  The times I’ve moved and the reasons, the relationships he’s guided me to leave (several involving rings), the dysfunctional habits / behaviors / thought processes / words… And coming up….something we’ve been working on for about 15 years, that He says is “soon” (a relative term with God LOL) but it does appear imminent and certainly He’s been whipping me into shape, so to speak…. As I noted at the end of my notes when I taped today’s entry into my journal – this one will be bigger than anything.  The culmination of everything so far….and the start of something entirely new, under Him.  Just waiting for the cue.   

    I have no idea what will be coming, but I’ll be working with Him, so I know it will be good, no matter how tough gets.  So your entry this morning was not only profound, but timely. BTW – that first email I sent to you via your form, your entry on temptaion, there was one place where I wrote “not that I agree with you” and that was supposed to read “not that I don’t agree with”….meaning i do agree with you Thank you again – and continued blessings to you.
    Judi Perkins

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    1. Judi, thank you for sharing a part of your journey. Your comment reminds me that letting go is at the heart of the journey. Somehow, in the letting go we recover ourselves.

      God’s blessing and peace be with you,


  3. I have traveled a great deal as a military wife and I have learned to go where God leads us, even now that we are retired. I am amazed at all he leads us to. I think many are robbed of God’s blessing, because they do not follow Him. My husband has been blessed and honored so much in the last place has “prepared” for us in Florida. Thanks for sharing God’s wisdom.

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