A Strange Mystery

Today a strange mystery has been fulfilled; for nature has been renewed and God has become human. Yes, he remains ever the same, divine, but has now taken on to himself what he had not before, humanity. The two, divinity and humanity, exist as one neither being commingled nor separated.

O Lord, you came to Bethlehem, you dwelt in a cave, and laid in a manger; you whose throne is in heaven. You came down to the shepherds, you who are surrounded by angels, to save humanity because you are compassionate. Glory to you.

How shall I describe this great mystery? For the Bodiless one has become embodied; the Word has taken on the reality of flesh. The Unseen is seen, the Untouchable is touched, the Beginningless one begins, and the Son of God has become the Son of Man. Yes, this is Jesus Christ himself who is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

— adapted from a text of St. John of Damascus

The mystery of the Nativity Feast celebrates and gives thanks that God has become human, restoring and revealing to us our original beauty and dignity. The Son of God became the Son Man so that the sons of men might become sons of God, sharing the divine life of Jesus Christ.

May our Lord’s nativity be made manifest in and through our lives.


  1. Mike, It’s a gorgeous quote, but it never would have occurred to me that Jesus might have been laid in a “manager”!!
    Thanks for making Christmas Eve merry! And have a holy and grace-filled one yourself.


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