A Strange Mystery

Today a strange mystery has been fulfilled; for nature has been renewed and God has become human. Yes, he remains ever the same, divine, but has now taken on to himself what he had not before, humanity. The two, divinity and humanity, exist as one neither being commingled nor separated. O Lord, you came to Bethlehem, you dwelt in a cave, and laid in a … Continue reading A Strange Mystery

The Feast of St. John of Damascus

Today, December 4, is the Feast of John of Damascus. St John has sometimes been described as an unoriginal thinker, a mere compiler of the existing tradition. It was not St. John’s intent to come up with ideas unique to himself. Toward the beginning of his work, The Fountain Head of Knowledge, he writes, “I will say nothing of my own.” While that may not … Continue reading The Feast of St. John of Damascus