If, as I suggested in the previous post, we all have and venerate icons then maybe there is a corollary to be considered. How are we also iconoclasts? What images have we and do we continue to destroy? Iconoclasm is often justified as an attempt to protect or defend God. The incarnation, however, lies at the heart of the theology of icons.  Iconoclasm is, therefore, at its core a denial of the incarnation and a destruction of God’s work.

While humanity is not God, humanity was created in the image and likeness of God. In Jewish theology the rabbis teach that wherever we go a procession of angels goes before us crying out, “Make way for the image of God!” So instead of asking what images we destroy maybe the better question is, “Who are the images we destroy?” One of the great human tragedies is the iconoclastic behavior we exhibit toward each other and ourselves.

I recommend Father Stephen’ s insightful article on iconoclasm at Glory to God for All Things.

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