Living In Exile – A Sermon On Jeremiah 29:1, 4-7

In today’s reading from the Old Testament (Jeremiah 29:1, 4-7) the people of Israel are living in exile. It’s not what they wanted. They didn’t choose to go. They were forcibly sent from Jerusalem to Babylon and their lives will…

On Days Like This – A Sermon On John 18:1-19:42 For Good Friday

I used to try to understand, explain, or make sense of this day, Good Friday. I don’t anymore. I’ve given that up. What do you say on days like this? What can be said?  Besides, most of the explanations that…

Working Out Our Life – A Sermon On John 17:6-19

In today’s gospel Jesus is praying. He’s not talking to the disciples and he’s not talking to us. He’s not teaching and he’s not giving instructions. He’s praying, and we’re listening in. And what a prayer it is. What do you hear in his prayer? I’m not just asking about what he prays for. I’m asking about what’s behind his prayer. What’s going on in him? What’s his prayer really about?

Getting To The Heart Of The Migrant Situation – A Sermon On John 14:23-29

Will we live with our hearts at peace or at war? That’s the question each one of us must answer, and we do. Every day we answer that question and our answer to that question determines our way of being toward others. How do we want to be toward the other?

Battling For The Heart Of Humanity – A Sermon on 1 Samuel 17:1, 4-11, 19-23, 32-49

We all face giants, Philistines, in our lives. Sometimes it’s personal and unique to our particular situation. Goliath might be an illness, loneliness, the loss of a loved one. Maybe a rift in a relationship is standing tall. Or maybe it feels as if your life is moving out of control and you’re powerless to do anything. Other times Goliath might be more systemic. It’s mass shootings in our country, violence throughout the world, war in the middle east, racism, immigration. Goliath shows up in lots of ways. 

Every time Goliath shows up the battle lines are drawn. The battle is not, however, what we often think it is.

The Life of Jesus: God’s Extreme Consideration for Humanity

He did not shun; he chose. He did not shun the virgin’s womb; he chose a mother. He did not shun the human body; he chose flesh and blood. He did not shun the angel’s name; he chose a destiny.…

Yeh hum naheen – this is not us

"Yeh hum naheen" means "this is not us." The song is a statement that the violence of terrorism is not Islam. Terrorism and violence are not simply Islamic issues. They are issues of humanity. So maybe we should see the…

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