Racism – An Online Reading And Discussion Group

This class has been completed and is no longer being offered. --- I will be offering a reading and discussion group about racism for the parish I serve, though it is not limited to parishioners. I think this is some of the most important work we can do right now, and I hope you will join me in it. No one escapes the effects of racism. It's the water we all swim in regardless of our color. And for some it’s the water they drown in.

Jesus’ Line In The Sand – A Sermon On Matthew 10:24-39

Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.” I don’t remember struggling more with the gospel than I have in the last few weeks. And I don’t mean struggling to interpret the truth of the gospel. I mean struggling with that truth in my life, struggling with what that truth reveals about us and our country, struggling with what that truth is asking of us, and struggling with that truth in what I say to you each Sunday.

“I Can’t Breathe” – A Trinity Sunday Sermon On Matthew 28:16-20

I don’t know and never will know what it’s like to have the knee of a police officer against my neck, but I still can’t breathe. I want to be able to breathe again. I want you to be able to breathe. I want the George Floyds of the world to be able to breathe. I want us to breathe faith, hope, and love. I want us to breathe repentance, forgiveness, and healing. I want us to breathe compassion, justice, and peace. Don’t you? Don’t you want those things for yourself, for your kids and grandchildren, for the people of our country, for the world?

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