A Sermon Collection From Advent-Christmas 2021

Today brings us to the end of the Christmas season and, with tomorrow’s Feast of the Epiphany, the beginning of the Epiphany season. Here are some ways to enter more deeply into the meaning of the season:

Below are the sermons I preached during Advent and Christmas 2021:

Christmas 2021

Grace Upon Grace – A Sermon On John 1:1-18

Pecan pie. That’s what I thought about as I was reading today’s gospel (John 1:1-18) and preparing for this sermon. I thought about pecan pie. I know, it’s a strange connection but stick with me. It’s not as much of a half-baked idea as it sounds. A couple days before Christmas Cyndy and I were…

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Advent 2021

The Reversals In Our Lives – A Sermon On Luke 1:39-55

Haven’t there been times in your life when a reversal grabbed your attention or captured your heart, and left you wondering, “What is going on here and how did this happen?”  I can easily imagine that’s what it was like for Mary and Elizabeth in today’s gospel (Luke1:39-55). It’s happened in my life and I’ll…

Sermon, Luke 3:1-6, Advent 2C, John the Baptist, Repentance

Looking At The Landscape Of Our Lives – A Sermon On Luke 3:1-6

There’s a particular person in my life I sometimes just don’t want to be with. It’s often uncomfortable and sometimes scary to be together. There are times when I intentionally avoid this person. Sometimes I don’t like what I see in this person. Other times I am disappointed in or angry with this person. Sometimes…

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