A Prayer For Healthcare Providers

We thank you, O Lord, for all who dedicate themselves
to the study and practice of healing.

Bless physicians, nurses, technicians, pharmacists,
and all others who minister to the sick and suffering.

Grant them wisdom and skill, sympathy, and patience.

Give them strength when they are weary, hope when they despair,
faith when they doubt, and light when they stand in darkness.

Keep them and their families safe and healthy.

Send your holy angels to stand guard and keep watch over them.

May their names be always on the lips of your saints in prayer.

Bless them and keep them, let your face shine upon them,
be gracious to them, lift up your countenance upon them,
and give them peace.

All this we ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.

By Alex Proimos – Flickr: The Stethoscope, CC BY 2.0, Wikimedia Commons


  1. I pray for all first responders all around the world. I especially want prayers for my family members that are on the “front “ lines. Thank you dear God for keeping them in your loving arms daily. Prayers also for those persons who are at risk health wise in this crisis. God will get us through this stressful time. This is the time to all follow all requests to help us in this time of crisis. 🙏🏻✝️

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  2. Thank you as always Mike, Could you please compose something for all of the other groups who are also on the front line. Situations vary from country to country, but in the UK it would be all of those who are still working, ie Refuse collectors, Delivery drivers, Warehouse pickers, Supermarket staff, Couriers, Emergency Services etc, the list goes on.

    Mike I have been printing and circulating your postings for a couple of weeks , hope you don’t mind. I always credit you and the web site. People find comfort and inspiration in your postings.

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    1. Ernie, thank you for sharing the posts. I certainly appreciate that.

      You are right, there are so many essential and often anonymous workers who need our prayers and support. Our lives are connected to and supported by them. I want to compose some other prayers but Holy Week and Easter preparations are taking most of my time right now.

      I hope you are well, safe, and healthy.

      God’s peace be with you.


  3. Amen to all the prayers for the healthcare workers, rescue teams, missionary workers, pastors and faithful members who continue to sow their time, their money, their resources and so much more. This is a great responsibility being shouldered which might go unnoticed by the world but never in the Kingdom. The Angels are applauding. The saints are rejoicing. And Jesus proclaims the victory sign as He watches these faithful acts and raises a high five to celebrate your success in advance of the impending victory over this situation. Amen.

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  4. In the chaos of this crisis, Fr. Mike, you have given me a timely gift. My son is a physician on the front line; I have been stunned at how hard it is. My healing prayer team , my priest and your prayer are what I need. I will pass it on. Grace and love.

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