Sermons For Holy Week and Easter Sunday (2019)

Sermons For Holy Week And Easter Sunday

What Really Matters? – A Sermon For Monday In Holy Week

What really matters to you? What really matters for the life you want to live? What matters so much to you that when it is ignored, forgotten, denied, covered up, it becomes the matter with you? Like when someone asks you, “What’s the matter with you?” not in a negative, critical way but in a caring, concerned way. What really matters to you? Read more.

A Weak And Troubled Soul – A Sermon For Tuesday In Holy Week

When has your soul has been troubled? What troubles your soul today? What’s it like for you to recognize and feel your own weakness? Are you scared, embarrassed, ashamed? Do you feel inadequate, defective, vulnerable? What’s your prayer in those times, “Father save me from this hour?” Read more.

Judas, More Than A Betrayer? – A Sermon For Wednesday In Holy Week

I wonder what Judas felt the day he was chosen and numbered among the twelve? What did he feel when Jesus called his name? What were his hopes, and dreams? What excited him about Jesus? What gifts was he given? What was the promise he sought and followed in Jesus? With what was he entrusted? Read more.

This Is Our Night – A Sermon For Maundy Thursday

“You will never wash my feet,” Peter says to Jesus. I don’t know what’s going on with Peter but I have a guess. I think it’s about more than having his feet washed. In fact, I don’t think it’s even about his feet. I think it’s about feeling vulnerable, exposed, and uncertain about taking his share in a new life. My guess is that there are parts of Peter that he is withholding not just from Jesus, but from himself. Read more.

Aligning Our Lives – A Sermon For Good Friday

We tend to let the cross and Jesus’ death overshadow not only this day, but the entirety of our faith, as if it is the thing and the only thing. But what if it’s just one more thing, one among many? I do not mean to diminish or negate the cross on this day. But there is more to Jesus, his life, and this day than just his cross and death. It’s a part of the story but it’s not the whole story. So I want to try and enlarge the meaning of the cross and this day. Read more.

Sitting In Opposition – A Sermon For Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday is the morning after: the morning after the funeral, the morning after he or she said, “It’s over,” and walked out, the morning after the diagnosis, the morning after your plans failed, the morning after your dreams were shattered, the morning after your life fell apart. Read more. 

A Promise, A Hope, And A Call – A Sermon For Easter Sunday

This is your resurrection. This is your Easter. This is your feast day. And that is true for every one of us here. Regardless of who you are, what you’ve done or not done, what has or has not happened in your life, what you believe or don’t believe, the promise remains, hope abides, and the call persists. Read more.

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