The Luminous Darkness

Forward Day by Day, John 3:1-2, Nicodemus, Darkness,

Forward Day by Day, John 3:1-2, Nicodemus, Darkness,

John 3:1-2a. “Now there was a Pharisee named Nicodemus, a leader of the Jews. He came to Jesus by night.”

Our friend Nicodemus is in the dark, and the darkness is within him. The darkness is not evil but rather hidden and holy. This is a darkness the mind does not understand. How can these things be?

Though uncomfortable and disorienting, this darkness is not bad, in fact, it may even be womb-like. This darkness is not the end of faith but holds the dawn of a new kind of faith. This dark night of the soul guides Nicodemus (and you and me) into the divine mystery that lies beyond understanding, answers, or explanations.

If we are willing to grow in that holy, hidden, dark space, we just might:

  • Spend more time listening to what God is saying;
  • Recognize that God is bigger than the names or attributes we use to describe God;
  • Allow the wind of God to take us places we might not otherwise consider;
  • Trust God to call forth from us that which we do not yet realize is within us;
  • Seek experience instead of answers; and
  • Live eternal life as a present reality.

*Originally written for and published by Forward Day by Day.


  1. Might think of it like the darkness of being in the womb before we are born into the Light of Life. We are continuing to develop in a different form of darkness so that we may emerge again or be reborn into the Light that we all are.

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  2. Kind sir !
    Know that you are being heard !!!
    I think that… your view: “Recognizing that God is bigger than the names or attributes we use to describe God;”, is tantamount to the type of “salvation” that I have come to understand.
    Once when asked… out of all the names for god, which one did I use the most…? I fell out on the ground face in my hands and screamed H E L P ?!?!?!?
    When I tell the youth group from hell that is ever present in my outlandish life, that when I heard the Majic Pop my thoughts, behaviours, and conversations, started to change. Life took on an odd quest. The journey continues !
    I enjoy you’re writing, and you’re posts are reminders to stop, listen, and seek.
    Preesh Mon !

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