Treasuring Hunting for Lent – An Ash Wednesday Meditation

Forward Day by Day, Lent, Ash Wednesday, Matthew 6:21, Treasure, Heart,

Over the next month I will (hopefully) be posting a daily meditation that was originally written for Forward Day by Day. I am grateful for the opportunity to have written these meditations and for permission to post them on this blog.

Forward Day by Day is a booklet of daily inspirational meditations reflecting on a specific Bible passage. The first issue was published in 1935. Print and e-mail subscriptions are available. Additionally, each meditation may be read online, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

Forward Day by Day, Lent, Ash Wednesday, Matthew 6:21, Treasure, Heart,

Matthew 6:21. “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

A collection of common questions arise around Lent. What should I do for Lent this year? What should I read or study or give up or take on? These are good questions, but they are not Jesus’ question. Jesus wants to know what we treasure. Jesus is getting to the heart of the matter—our hearts.

He reminds us that our hearts follow and give themselves to what we treasure. When we name our treasures, we find ourselves, our very hearts. When we name our treasures, we begin to see (for better or worse) the direction in which our lives are headed.

Some treasures are of lasting and eternal value and there are others that we need to let go of regardless of how much we think we love or need them. Some treasures enrich and grow life. Other treasures hold our hearts captive and impoverish life.

Let us approach Lent as treasure hunters, discovering what we truly value, where we actually spend our time and energy, and what occupies our thoughts and worries. Let us name our treasures, and find our hearts.


  1. This is helpful. I, too, was pondering what to give up – or take up – and coming up with nothing. ‘For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.’ Interestingly, this was quoted in Harry Potter!

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