Sacred Music: Liturgical Treasures from Bulgaria

Music, Valley Entertainment,

Music, Valley Entertainment, The music of Eastern Orthodox worship is distinctive and often characterized, and unfortunately sometimes stereotyped, by the deep, booming male voices. This is unfortunate as the sacred music of Orthodoxy is much more diverse and balanced than is often thought. This is certainly true for a new CD being released by Valley Entertainment, “Liturgical Treasures from Bulgaria.”

This CD offers selections sung by a male choir, a female choir, a boys choir, and a mixed voice choir. Solo voices often complement, interact with, and enhance the choral voices. There is a range of diversity not only between the various choirs but also within each choir. The music is both transcendent and immanent. It is not so much a bridge between but a joining of heaven and earth, spirit and matter, human and divine.

Some of the selections surprised me by how Western they sound. That is not a criticism but, I think, something to be welcomed and celebrated. It is the power of truly sacred music to live beyond the categories and divisions we often create, and an encouragement for us, as listeners, to do the same.

The CD is available from Valley Entertainment. I appreciate Valley Entertainment offering me the opportunity to listen to and review this CD. Although I was given a copy of the CD I was not compensated for this post. Below you may listen to the first track, “O Gladsome Radiance.”



  1. You may not know but I’ve been a hospice chaplain for over a yr now & I one of my pts is Greek Orthodox… She was also a music teacher & organist in her church for 40 years .. Our only communication is music .. and she does respond! .. I am learning all about Greek Orthodox music and it is also so very beautiful …thanks for the heads up on this site & artists … Most powerful! I use music daily for myself ( left over from your classes .. lol … You did good!) and for my pts & other staff as well.. Miss all of you ..I would not take anything for my Uvalde “season”… jimisu

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