Advent Preparation – Let the Baby be Born

“Now the birth of Jesus took place in this way….” (Matthew 1:18-25)

Matthew’s description of how Jesus’ birth happens does not mention anything that is on my to-do list. There is no busyness in his description. There are very few words spoken. Mary and Joseph are silent. They say nothing. An angel announces and declares as angels do, but there are no explanations of how this birth can be only a declaration that it is. The angel offers no explanations. So maybe the real work, the final work of Advent, is to get out of the way and let the baby be born. Get out of the way and let the baby be born. Such difficult work. Such necessary work. Such holy work.

Holy Family Icon


  1. Well, that’s a masculine perspective, I think. That doesn’t make it a bad one. (I’m glad there’s no enduring record of anything I said just before or during the birth of my children. . . )


    1. I wonder who actually told Matthew and Luke. It must have been Mary herself. And it would have been (still is) very unlikely of a woman to ‘disclose’ such intimate details to any man. Since being a mum, every Christmas I can’t help thinking how uncomfortable, painful, lonely it must have been for such a young woman. Well done, Mary!


    2. Yes, Jennifer, I guess it is. All rather easy for me to say! I’ve thought about the masculine perspective. Maybe that is what St. Matthew offers with his version of the story and focus on St. Joseph. St. Luke offers the feminine perspective and focuses on St. Mary. Perhaps St. John offers God’s perspective. Thanks for your insightful comment.



  2. ” … does not mention anything that is on my to-do list” … haha. I’ve been contemplating just this question this week: about doing and not-doing and being. I met a woman who made a space by her presence. It was nothing to do with what she was saying or doing.

    Such a tender picture x


    1. Making space is such holy and important work. I think that is what Mary and Joseph are doing making space amidst their questions, fears, anxiety, hopes. As we prepare for Christmas guests to arrive we make space for them in our homes. Maybe Advent is a time of making space in our hearts for the birth of Jesus. Thanks for making space image – beautiful.



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