Running From Ourselves

“Amma Theodora also said: ‘There was a monk, who, because of the great number of temptations said, “I will go away from here.” As he was putting on his sandals, he saw another man who was also putting on his sandals and this other monk said to him, “Is it on my account that you are going away? Because I go before you wherever you are going.”’

– Theodora 7, in Benedicta Ward, The Sayings of the Desert Fathers


  1. ..This can be such a profound meditation if I can courageously give it time in contemplation.Im pondering just now the times I have fooled myself into believing I had stopped the charade (of one kind or another) and become brutally honest with myself,only to discover later that even that was a lie.


    1. I appreciate your honesty and insight. I too understand and suspect that Amma Theodora is speaking from a similar experience. It is in facing up to ourselves – self-knowledge – that we begin to discover God.

      God’s peace be with you,


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