Of Saints and Horses

Source: Fir0002/Flagstaffotos

A young man once came to a great rabbi and asked him to make him a rabbi.

It was winter time then. The rabbi stood at the window looking out upon the yard while the rabbinical candidate was droning into his ears a glowing account of his piety and learning.

The young man said, “You see, Rabbi, I always go dressed in spotless white like the sages of old. I never drink any alcoholic beverages; only water ever passes my lips. Also, I perform austerities. I have sharp-edged nails inside my shoes to mortify me. Even in the coldest weather, I lie naked in the snow to torment my flesh. Also daily, the shammes [the caretaker of a synagogue] gives me forty lashes on my bare back to complete my perpetual penance.”

And as the young man spoke, a white horse was led into the yard and to the water trough. It drank, and then it rolled in the snow, as horses sometimes do.

“Just look!” cried the rabbi. “That animal, too, is dressed in white. It also drinks nothing but water, has nails in its shoes and rolls naked in the snow. Also, rest assured, it gets its daily ration of forty lashes on the rump from its master. Now, I ask you, is it a saint, or is it a horse?”

Best Loved Folktales, p. 461.

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  1. Hello, Mike, I am wanting to hear from you re: the logistics for how we can do this spiritual direction (whether by email – to what address, by “snail mail” – which I think I prefer ), and how often you can be available for direction. By the way, if I send by reg. mail, you could still respond by email if that works better for you. Thank you Blessings & Peace, Jan


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