The Greatest Gift

“Christ, the Son of God, is the greatest gift God the Father could ever have given mankind; He is also the greatest gift mankind could ever have given to God the Father. But our Lord is also the greatest gift a human being can give to his brother. In becoming the ‘fragrance of Christ’ [2 Cor. 2:15], man bears within himself and radiates the humility and love of Christ through the grace of the Spirit of the Lord. Having made his own life a silent sermon, he humbly serves his brethren. He is a sanctifying presence. He takes upon himself his brother’s burden, after the manner of Christ Himself, Who bears the burden of the whole world.”

– Archimandrite Zacharias, Remember Thy First Love, p.  332.


  1. Christ truly is my first love. I fell in love with Him as a young child, and He has never disappointed me in any way.

    I often think about His compassion and humility, and how He never was too busy for people. He never told anyone to come back later or make an appointment, and He was surrounded by need everywhere He went. He is a wonderful Saviour.


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