Richard Rolle on Devotion to the Name, Jesus

And seeing that you yearn to be God’s lover, I appeal to you to love this name, Jesus, and meditate on it in your heart so that you never forget it wherever you are. And, assuredly, I promise you that you will find great joy and strength in it; and because of the love with which you love Jesus so tenderly and as such an intimate friend, you will be filled with grace on this earth and be Christ’s beloved maiden and wife in heaven. This is because nothing pleases God so much as true devotion to [his] name of Jesus.

– Richard Rolle, “Ego Dormio” in Richard Rolle, The English Writings, p. 137.

I’ll give you one piece of advice: don’t neglect his name, “Jesus.” Meditate on it in your heart night and day as your personal and precious treasure. Love it more than your life. Root it in your mind. Love Jesus, because he made you and bought you at a very high price. Give your heart to him, because it is the debt you owe him. Therefore devote your love to this name “Jesus,” which means “salvation.” No evil thing can have any living-space in that heart where “Jesus” is faithfully kept in mind, because it chases out devils and destroys temptations and turns out all wrongful anxieties and defects, and purifies the mind. Whoever really loves it is full of God’s grace and full of virtues, receives spiritual strength in this life; and when such people die, they are adopted into the order of angels above, to behold in unending joy him whom they have loved.

 – Richard Rolle, “Ego Dormio” in Richard Rolle, The English Writings, p. 150-51.

Richard Rolle, The English Writings (Classics of Western Spirituality)


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