The Sanctified Person

The sanctified person is someone no longer separated. And he is only sanctified to the extent that he understands in practice that he is no longer separated from anyone or anything. He bears humanity in himself, all human beings in their passion and their resurrection. He is identified, in Christ, with the “whole Adam.” His own “self” no longer interests him. He includes in his prayer and in his love all humanity, without judging or condemning anyone, except himself, the last of all. He is infinitely vulnerable to the horror of the world, to the tragedies of history being constantly renewed. But he is crushed with Christ and rises again with him, with everyone. He knows that the resurrection has the last word. Deeper than horror is the joy.”

– Olivier Clement, The Roots of Christian Mysticism, p. 273


  1. When dealing with life’s tragedies I often want to compartmentalize, to separate. But Clement knows what he is talking about. That can’t be truly done, to think you are separate is only an illusion.

    To accept our connectedness breaks down all barriers and personal agendas.


    1. Well said Gayle. Our own brokenness and resurrection are a part of our neighbor’s brokenness and resurrection. Abba Antony said,”Life and death depend on our neighbor. If we gain our brother we gain God. But if we scandalize our brother we are sinning against Christ.” Peace.


  2. I was reading Clement at the coffeehouse not two hours ago. Talk about great minds working alike! I urge all your readers to pick up a copy; it’s one of those books you return to again and again. A real handbook of spirituality.


    1. Joe, you are right about Clement. His synthesis of and commentary on the patristics is great. Based on your comments and posts on your blog I think I would like your library!


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