The Crucifixion by St. John of the Cross

john-of-the-crosscrucifixionThis drawing was made by St. John of the Cross, probably between 1574 and 1577. He was praying in a loft overlooking the sanctuary at the Monastery of the Incarnation in Avila, Spain.  He received a vision and then sketched what he had beheld.

One wonders if this might be the Father’s view of the crucifixion.


  1. Have you seen what Salvador Dali made of that image? Check out the link below: http//

    And have a blessed Easter!


  2. i live in pueerto vallarta jalisco and just found thr drawing made by st john of the cross. i would like to have a copy how do i do that and how large can i get the copy to be without distortion in the drawing


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