What Are You Whining About? – A Sermon On John 2:1-11

"The Wedding at Cana" by Lawrence OP is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 What are you whining about these days?  I’m not asking that question to condemn, criticize, or judge anyone. It’s a serious question that I want us to take seriously. I’m asking…

Too Big For Your Britches? Good – A Sermon On Mark 10:35-45

Photo by Felipe Giacometti on Unsplash James and John want to be on top. They want to sit on either side of Jesus in his glory.  The other ten disciples are angry about this. I picture them looking at James and John and…

Water Does Not Turn Into Wine – A Sermon On John 2:1-11

I don’t know if Jesus literally and physically turned water into wine. But then I don’t think that’s the point of today’s gospel. I don’t think this gospel is ultimately about turning water into wine. It’s about calling forth life where there is none. It’s about transformation. It’s about living a new life.

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