Strengthening our Life in the Church

Our spiritual health and growth, like our physical health and growth, depend on daily exercise. The church often refers to this exercise as ascesis. Ascesis involves commitment, practice, and the remembrance of what is important. True ascesis becomes a way of daily life. Without exercise we become weak and our spirit atrophies. How can we strengthen our life in the church? The direction of a … Continue reading Strengthening our Life in the Church

The Freedom of Self-Denial

One of the traditional Lenten practices is self-denial. Often this leaves us asking the question, “What should I give up for Lent?” The answers vary – candy, bread, wine, shopping, blogging…. We endure for God’s sake forty days of self-denial. We give up some ordinary thing or activity and with the celebration of Easter we reward ourselves with whatever thing or activity we had given … Continue reading The Freedom of Self-Denial