Advent, Silence, Stillness, Solitude, Waiting, Watching, Desert Fathers

Shh, Be Quiet, It’s Advent.

A new liturgical year begins this coming Sunday, December 2, 2018, with the First Sunday of Advent. The Season of Advent consists of the four Sundays before Christmas. The liturgical color for Advent is purple or sometimes blue. We will begin a new liturgical cycle of seasons, feasts and fasts, and scripture lessons. This year the gospel will focus on Luke’s account with The Gospel … Continue reading Shh, Be Quiet, It’s Advent.

Solitude for Ourselves And Others Revisited

In response to my recent post, Solitude for Ourselves and Others, a reader commented, …there is a particular radio talk show that i frequently listen to in which the host advocates a meditation exercise called “be still and know”…his listeners regularly call into the show to tell of their experiences while trying the exercise and the results are interesting in that the majority of them … Continue reading Solitude for Ourselves And Others Revisited

The Last Anchorite

In a previous post I mentioned Father Lazarus, a hermit on the mountain of St. Anthony. His life is one of detachment, silence, and solitude. Those things are not about absence but rather presence. They are practices and ways of life that open us to the very heart of God. They are interior conditions that we can each cultivate regardless of the exterior environment or … Continue reading The Last Anchorite

Entering the Temple of the Heart

If the heart is the most authentic temple of God, the truest dwelling place of God, then it is also our true home. It is the deepest and most authentic part of our humanity, the place of wholeness and integration. “All things are there,” Macarius says of the heart. The heart is not only the physical but also the psychic and spiritual center of the … Continue reading Entering the Temple of the Heart