Instructions For Living An Easter Life – A Sermon On Luke 24:13-35

As I began preparing this sermon one of my first reactions to today’s gospel (Luke 24:13-35) was, “Good for them.”  Jesus was “made known to [Cleopas and his companion] in the breaking of the bread.” Good for them. Their hearts…

Life Shattered, Life Restored – A Sermon on Luke 24:13-35

Rarely does the gospel tell us what to do or believe. Rarely does it give us a straight answer. And today’s gospel (Luke 24:13-35), the road to Emmaus story, is no different. It doesn’t give us answers. It raises questions and invites reflection. It’s a map by which we orient and find ourselves. It reveals intersections of Jesus’ life and our lives. It begs to be recognized as a story about our lives, and it is a story with which we are familiar. It is a story of shattering and restoration.

If your life has ever been shattered then this is your story. If your life has ever been restored then this is your story. And if you’ve ever been in that in between place, between shattering and restoration, then this is your story.

“You are Witnesses” – A Sermon on Luke 24:36-48; Easter 3B

The collect and readings for the Third Sunday of Easter may be found here. The following sermon is based on Luke 24:36-48. It’s not enough that the tomb is empty. It’s not enough to proclaim, “Christ is risen!” It’s not…

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