What Have We Confirmed? – A Sermon On Mark 10:2-16

Proper 22B - Mark 10:2-16 The confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh has been completed. But here’s what I wonder. What have we confirmed? I am not speaking of Judge Kavanaugh’s qualifications or character. This is about more than particular individuals. We…

Deliver Me From The Hand Of My Brother – A Sermon On Genesis 32:3-31

We all have an Esau. Individuals, communities, parishes, religious orders, nations, you, and me - we all have an Esau. I am not talking about a literal Esau but a symbolic and metaphorical Esau. That does not mean, however, that Esau is not real. He is absolutely real. Esau is the face of our past guilts and regrets. Esau is the temptation to believe that we are not enough and we need to be someone or something else. Esau is our fear of the future. Esau is the one with whom we wrestle in the depths of our soul to discover our true name and identity, and to find the blessing that is uniquely ours.

Keeping the Rules or Keeping the Relationship? A Sermon on Matthew 5:21-37

You have heard it said, “The Old Testament is a book of law and judgment.” You have heard it said, “The New Testament is a book of grace and love.” But I say to you, “Welcome to today’s gospel!” (Matthew…

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