Prophetic Tracks – A Sermon On Matthew 10:40-42

I wonder if we have become so accustomed to the way things are that we can no longer see the needs of others, the injustices done to them, or their pain. I wonder if that’s why in the last several weeks so many of us are in shock over what is happening in our country today. We look on in disbelief and ask, “Why? How could this happen? I don’t understand. I can’t imagine.” Maybe it because complacency has blinded us. What's happening is not new. What’s new (I hope) is our beginning to awaken to what is happening. I think we are hearing and recognizing what’s happening as a prophetic moment in our lives and in the life of America. Events can also be prophetic.

Widows Prophesying At The City Gate – A Sermon for Proper 5C, Luke 7:11-17

The collect and readings for today, the Second Sunday after Pentecost, Proper 5C, may be found here. The sermon below is based on today’s old testament and gospel readings. 1 Kings 17:8-24 The word of the LORD came to Elijah,…

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