Prayer, Prayers for Turkey, Istanbul Airport Attack

Prayers for Turkey and the World

O Lord of life, the God of our salvation, who bears our burdens: Our world has once again been shaken by violence, gunfire, and explosions; this time at the Istanbul airport. We are weary because of our groaning. Every night we flood our bed with tears and drench our couch with weeping. Our eyes waste away with grief. Our spirit shakes with terror. How long, … Continue reading Prayers for Turkey and the World

Anno Domini 2016, New Year, Prayer, Holy Name

Prayers for the New Year

While the civil calendar marks January 1 as New Year’s Day, the Church celebrates January 1 as the Feast of the Holy Name, Jesus. Although the two might be celebrated in different ways, they are not necessarily in opposition. Behind the celebrations, resolutions, and good wishes associated with the New Year I suspect there are, for many people, hope and a deep longing for a … Continue reading Prayers for the New Year

Persecution, Persecuted Church, Persecuted Christians,

A Litany of Prayer for Persecuted Peoples and Religions

O God the Father, Creator of heaven and earth, Have mercy upon us. O God the Son, Redeemer of the world, Have mercy upon us. O God the Holy Spirit, Sanctifier of the faithful, Have mercy upon us. O holy, blessed, and glorious Trinity, one God, Have mercy upon us. Lord, Jesus Christ, receive our prayers for all who suffer persecution for their religious faith … Continue reading A Litany of Prayer for Persecuted Peoples and Religions

America, Independence Day, Blessing, Thanksgiving, Prayer, Prayer for Amaerica

Independence Day Prayers for America

A Thanksgiving for America Almighty God, giver of all good gifts; we thank you For this nation, our heritage, and for calling us to be the United States of America; For the founders of this country, the liberty they won for themselves and us, and for the torch of freedom they lit for nations then unborn; For the natural majesty and beauty of this land; … Continue reading Independence Day Prayers for America

Blessing, Labyrinth, Prayer Garden, Feast of St. Philip

Blessing of a Labyrinth

Last evening, May 1, our parish celebrated its feast day, the Feast of St. Philip. The evening included Holy Eucharist and a dedication and blessing of the newly completed labyrinth and prayer garden using the liturgy below. + + + Through the ages, Almighty God has moved his people to set apart holy places for prayer and to recognize and celebrate God’s presence in those … Continue reading Blessing of a Labyrinth

We Need a Moses in Every Age

Almighty God, by the hand of Moses your servant you led your people out of slavery, and made them free at last: Grant that your Church, following the example of your prophet Martin Luther King, may resist oppression in the name of your love, and may secure for all your children the blessed liberty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one … Continue reading We Need a Moses in Every Age