A Lord’s Prayer for Justice

In his book, The Holy Longing (pp.189-91), Fr. Ron Rohlheiser says, “In the world’s schema of things, survival of the fittest is the rule. In God’s schema, survival of the weakest is the rule. God always stands on the side of the weak and it is there, among the weak, that we find God.” Given the truth of that, he suggests we might occasionally pray … Continue reading A Lord’s Prayer for Justice

The Faces of Christ

Daily the news reports to us the pain of the world. We see the hungry, the homeless, the refugees, the frightened, the orphaned, the imprisoned, the displaced, the abused, and the wounded. At first glance they may seem to be the anonymous faces of headlines. Andrew at Salt of the Earth offers some convicting words from a beautiful saint reminding us that those are the … Continue reading The Faces of Christ