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What Really Matters? – A Sermon On John 12:1-11 For Monday In Holy Week

What really matters to you? What really matters for the life you want to live? What matters so much to you that when it is ignored, forgotten, denied, covered up, it becomes the matter with you? Like when someone asks you, “What’s the matter with you?” not in a negative, critical way but in a caring, concerned way. What really matters to you?  Continue reading What Really Matters? – A Sermon On John 12:1-11 For Monday In Holy Week

Limits or Love? A Sermon on John 12:1-11

Icon of Mary anointing JesusThree hundred denarii is just too much money to waste. That’s nearly a year’s worth of daily wages, an annual income. Who does that? Why would anyone do that? That’s neither practical nor reasonable. It makes no sense.

Why does all of it have to be poured out? Something that valuable should at least be saved for a special time and place. Surely it could be put to better use than feet. Jesus’ feet may smell sweet now but it won’t last. It won’t be long before he leaves the table and steps back into the street, into the dirt and muck of everyday life. Soon his feet will sweat and stink. They will bleed. The fragrance that fills the house today will linger only as a memory, a story in scripture. What difference could Mary’s perfume possibly make anyway? Continue reading “Limits or Love? A Sermon on John 12:1-11”

The Fragrance of Holy Week

Most of our time and attention in Holy Week are given to the triduum and rightly so. The three days of that period encompass Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. They are, perhaps, the most holy days of the year. If they hold that kind of prominence, then maybe we ought to look at what leads us into those days, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of … Continue reading The Fragrance of Holy Week

A Sermon for Monday in Holy Week, John 12:1-11

The collect and readings for Monday in Holy Week May be found here. The appointed gospel is John 12:1-11. Six days before the Passover Jesus came to Bethany, the home of Lazarus, whom he had raised from the dead. There they gave a dinner for him. Martha served, and Lazarus was one of those at the table with him. Mary took a pound of costly … Continue reading A Sermon for Monday in Holy Week, John 12:1-11