The Flight To Egypt In Poetry And Music

This coming Sunday one option for the gospel is the Holy Family’s flight to Egypt (Matthew 2:13-15, 19-23). Every time read this story I remember the words of poet George Szirtes and the music of Richard Causton. Richard Causton is…

Getting To The Heart Of The Migrant Situation – A Sermon On John 14:23-29

Will we live with our hearts at peace or at war? That’s the question each one of us must answer, and we do. Every day we answer that question and our answer to that question determines our way of being toward others. How do we want to be toward the other?

 A Litany of Prayer for Refugees, Migrants, and Displaced Persons

For the refugees, migrants, and displaced persons of this world, Lord, hear our prayer, and let our cry come to you. O God, do not be silent; Do not keep still nor hold your peace, O God.  God the Father,…

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