Jesus’ Prescription For Healing And Wholeness – A Sermon On Mark 9:38-50

Photo by Alexandros Chatzidimos from Pexels A friend of mine often says, “Sometimes the good news is bad news before it is good news.” That sure fits today’s gospel (Mark 9:38-50). Today’s gospel tells us that the prognosis is good…

First, Do No Harm – A Sermon On Mark 9:38-50

Jesus is once again asking us to look at ourselves, to be self-reflective. It’s as if he saying to John, “Don’t you worry about that other guy. You worry about yourself.” He’s asking us to look within. The greatest stumbling blocks are not outside us but within us: anger and revenge, the judgments we make of others, prejudice, our desire to get ahead and be number one, the need to be right, our unwillingness to listen, the assumption that we know more and better than another, living as if our way is the only and right way, pride, fear, being exclusionary, our busyness, lies, gossip, our desire for power and control. These, and a thousand other things like them, are what cause others and us to fall. 

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