Searching For Wholeness And Completeness – A Sermon On Luke 15:1-10

If you were to imagine your life as whole and complete what would that look like and mean for you today? What qualities or characteristics would describe that kind of life? And what keeps that from happening? What is missing…

Finding The Lost Pieces Of Our Lives – A Sermon On Luke 15:1-10

Proper 19C - Luke 15:1-10 I remember hearing someone say, “I feel like there are parts of myself that have been lost along the way, and I don’t know if I can go back and find them again.” It was…

The One For Whom Difference Makes No Difference – A Funeral Sermon On John 6:37-40

I wondered what difference his being different made to others. Because you know as well as I that the world can be a difficult place when you are different. The world can be way to quick to see and name difference as a deficiency and way to slow to create a place and space for one who is different. And too often that one lives at the extremes of either being avoided or taken advantage of.

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