Salt And Light – A Sermon On Matthew 5:13-20

Anybody feeling particularly salty today? How about bright and shining? You are “salt of the earth” and “light of the world” aren’t you? That’s what Jesus says about you in today’s gospel (Matthew 5:13-20).  Today’s gospel is a small piece…

Pushing Back The Darkness – A Sermon On Matthew 25:1-13

Where is there light in your life and the world today? And where is there darkness in your life and the world today? I wouldn't be surprised if for many or even most of us our first answer is based on how we feel and what we think about the results of our presidential election. But that is not what I am asking about and I hope that’s not the basis for any of our answers. I am asking about something more important than that. I am asking us to look deeper than that.

Stop Doing The Religious Thing – A Sermon On Isaiah 58:1-12

I’m going to ask you to do a couple of things and I hope you will indulge me for a bit. I want you to think of one thing that is going on in the world today that is important and matters to you. Something that you keep up with in the news, that you have opinions and beliefs about, and that maybe you even post about in social media or talk about with those who are like minded.

Let Them Taste and See – A Sermon on Matthew 5:13-20

Who are you? How do you answer when someone asks you that question? The most common answer is to give our name. We might also tell a bit of family history and the connections that help identify us. Often we’ll…

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