Comfort For The Displaced – A Sermon on Mark 1:1-8 for Advent 2B

In what ways are you living as a displaced person? What parts of your life feel uprooted and disconnected? What is your displacement?  "Comfort, O comfort my people," are God's words to displaced people. Isaiah first spoke those words to people exiled in Babylon, people whose lives had been uprooted. Those same words come to the displaced people of God today. In some way the prophetic word is always directed to displaced people. And we long to hear those words of comfort. We want to find our place. More than anything displaced people want to be a placed people. 

When Exile and Words of Comfort Meet – A Sermon on Isaiah 40:1-11, Advent 2B

The collect and readings for today, The Second Sunday of Advent, may be found here. The following sermon focuses on Isaiah 40:1-11. “Comfort, o comfort my people.” These are God’s ancient words to his people; spoken through the prophet Isaiah…

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