Too Big For Your Britches? Good – A Sermon On Mark 10:35-45

Photo by Felipe Giacometti on Unsplash James and John want to be on top. They want to sit on either side of Jesus in his glory.  The other ten disciples are angry about this. I picture them looking at James and John and…

Becoming Our Better Selves – A Sermon On Mark 9:30-37

Photo by Ester Marie Doysabas on Unsplash “On the way they had argued with one another who was the greatest” (Mark 9:34). How do you imagine that argument went? Today’s gospel (Mark 9:30-37) doesn’t tell us what the disciples said…

I Want To Be Great, Don’t You? – A Sermon On Mark 9:30-37

For most of us, I suspect, Monday greatness is about being number one, a winner, a success. It’s about power, control, wealth, fame, reputation, status, and position. Have you ever seen the losing super bowl team dancing around with two fingers in the air shouting, “We’re number two, we’re number two?” Probably not and you probably never will. Can you imagine a political slogan about making America last or a servant of other countries? Besides, who wants to be the servant of all? That’s for the uneducated, minorities or foreigners, and those we can get away with paying less than a living wage. At least that’s often how it works today. Being last and servant of all is not what we usually strive for. That’s not the greatness to which we aspire.

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