What Is The Songline Of Your Life? – A Sermon On Luke 1:46-55

Are you familiar with songlines? Songlines are a part of the aboriginal life. The aborigines tell a creation story in which creation ancestors wandered the continent singing out the name of everything that crossed their path - birds, animals, plants, rocks, caves, desert brush, waterholes - thereby singing the world and all creation into existence. It’s akin to Adam naming the animals (Genesis 2:19-20). The paths their ancestors charted are called songlines. In every life there is a songline waiting to be sung. We all have one. We may each sing in different keys and use verses particular to our lives but it is the same song. It is the primordial melody of God carrying God’s eternal Word for each of our lives.

Magnifying Mary; It Is Truly Meet.

Today, August 15, is the Feast of St. Mary. As the one who on earth stood in the most intimate relationship with the incarnate Son of God, she, of all the human race, must have the place of highest honor…

The Feast of St. Mary the Virgin, Dormition, and Assumption

Today, August 15, is one of the great Marian feast days. The Eastern Orthodox call it the Feast of the Dormition while Roman Catholics call it the Feast of the Assumption. They deal with the same event but the interpretation…

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