Working Out Our Life – A Palm Sunday Sermon On Mark 11:1-11

What if Jesus is more like us than we know or want to admit? What if Jesus was always working it out just like we are? What if he struggled with life and death in the same way we do? What if Holy Week for Jesus and for us is a week of figuring it out - figuring out who we are, what we’re about, what matters most; facing our fears and naming our hopes; uncovering, discovering, or recovering something new about ourselves and our lives? What if Jesus is as ambivalent and hesitant about this week as are we? What if today’s triumphal entry is more accurately described as the triumphal drive by or, since Jesus was on a colt, the triumphal ride by? 

Jesus, The Man of Turmoil – A Sermon on Matthew 21:1-11, Palm Sunday

The collect and readings for today, Sunday of the Passion: Palm Sunday, may be found here. Today’s liturgy brings together the palms and the passion with two readings from the Gospel according to St. Matthew. The following sermon is based…

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