Wholehearted Life – A Sermon On John 15:1-8

Fifth Sunday of Easter, Year B - John 15:1-8 Photo by Maja Petric on Unsplash Think about what you do in your daily life that just leaves you exhausted. I am talking about the things that leave you emotionally drained and physically worn…

The Many Baptisms Of Life – A Sermon On Acts 8:26-40

Baptism doesn't happen just in the font at the back of the church. We’ve been taught and come to believe there is only one baptism in the church. And I think that is right, but I want to put the emphasis on “in the church.” In the church there is only one baptism. In life we are baptized over and over and over again.

The Fruitfulness of Staying Connected – A Sermon on John 15:1-8, Easter 5B

The collect and readings for the Fifth Sunday of Easter may be found here. The following sermon is based on John 15:1-8. Some branches produce fruit and are pruned, cared for and nurtured. Some branches do not produce fruit and…

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