The Abundant Life – A Sermon On John 10:11-18

Does my life matter? Do I make a difference, and if so, how? I suspect we all struggle with these questions or questions like them. I’m pretty sure that at some level they are always with us. And we don’t just want someone else to say yes. We want to be able to say yes for ourselves.    Regardless of when or how those questions come up I think they are grounded in a deep longing and desire for abundance in our life. We want to be an abundant people. We want to live an abundant life. 

A Laying Down Life Kind of Love – A Sermon on 1 John 3:16-24 and John 10:11-18; Easter 4B

The collect and readings for the Fourth Sunday of Easter (Shepherd Sunday) may be found here. The following sermon is based on 1 John 3:16-24 and John 10:11-18. She died about two weeks ago. She was young, only in her…

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