The Reversals In Our Lives – A Sermon On Luke 1:39-55

The Visitation by Giotto - Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons Haven’t there been times in your life when a reversal grabbed your attention or captured your heart, and left you wondering, “What is going on here and how did this happen?” …

Hospitality Heals Our Estrangement – An Advent Sermon On Luke 1:39-45

Throughout our lives we find ourselves in circumstances or situations that are strange, new, incomprehensible. They’re beyond our previous experience and more often than not they leave us feeling estranged from ourselves, an alien in our own life. You know what that’s like, right?

I wonder if that’s exactly how Mary feels. I wonder if her leaving in haste is the outer expression of her inner estrangement. I wonder if her leaving home reflects that she is not yet at home in herself. 

You are More than the Circumstances of your Life

“Blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her by the Lord.” When I look at the various situations and circumstances of my life, the joys and sorrows, the successes and failures,…

Advent 4C – Greeting our Coming Salvation

Every year on the last Sunday of Advent, the Sunday before the Nativity, the lectionary presents us with a gospel concerning the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is the Church’s reminder that the time of our salvation is approaching. In those…

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