Let’s Not Be Sheepish About Abundance – A Sermon On John 10:1-10

I have a riddle for you from today’s gospel (John 10:1-10). When is a sheepfold not a sheepfold, a gate not a gate, a thief and a bandit not a thief and a bandit, a shepherd not a shepherd, a…

Searching For Wholeness And Completeness – A Sermon On Luke 15:1-10

If you were to imagine your life as whole and complete what would that look like and mean for you today? What qualities or characteristics would describe that kind of life? And what keeps that from happening? What is missing…

Unbinding Abundance – An All Saints’ Sermon On John 11:32-44

All Saints Sunday - John 11:32-44 “Where have you laid him?” Jesus asked them.  “Lord, come and see.”  The thing that strikes me most about Mary and Martha in today’s gospel (John 11:32-44) is their loneliness. They’re lonely. They’re lonely…

The Abundant Life – A Sermon On John 10:11-18

Does my life matter? Do I make a difference, and if so, how? I suspect we all struggle with these questions or questions like them. I’m pretty sure that at some level they are always with us. And we don’t just want someone else to say yes. We want to be able to say yes for ourselves.   

Regardless of when or how those questions come up I think they are grounded in a deep longing and desire for abundance in our life. We want to be an abundant people. We want to live an abundant life. 

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