On the Death of a Child

It is a connection I never imagined or wanted. Nine days after the death of my son I officiated and preached at the wedding of a young couple. Nine days before the third anniversary of my son’s death I officiated and preached the following sermon at the funeral of that young couple’s baby. Born prematurely, he lived only about three weeks.

What does one say on the death of a child? What are the parents and congregation able to hear? I thought about the things said to my wife and me; some helpful, others not so helpful. I thought about what the parents wanted to hear and what I wanted and still need to hear. It was one of those moments when there is both nothing and everything to say. I know that I preached the following words as much to myself as to others. Preachers do that sometimes, maybe more often than we care to admit.

Today marks the third anniversary of our son’s death. There is both nothing and everything to say.


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