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The Sedition of Christ – A Sermon on Matthew 5:38-48

Christ’s gospel is seditious. Do not resist an evildoer. Turn the other cheek. Give your cloak. Go the second mile. Give to those who beg. Don’t refuse a borrower. Love your enemy. Pray for those who persecute you. Those kind of things are not taught, valued, encouraged, or rewarded by most of the world. If enacted they would shatter the status quo and bring business as usual to a halt. And that’s the point.

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Is It A Good Or A Bad Thing?

About a week ago I posted My Thank You Note to President Trump. It received a lot more attention than I ever expected. In response to that posting someone sent me the following: Dear Father Mike, I’m a little confused (pardon that). The past twelve months have been tumultuous, to put it mildly. Is it…

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Aleppo Doesn’t Need Our Prayers

A few days ago I posted A Litany of Prayer for Aleppo. I was and still am heartbroken and overwhelmed, maybe even possessed, by what is happening in Aleppo. Omran has become for me an icon of that tragedy. His face and silence are ever before me; waiting, questioning, and convicting. I could not not pray. I…