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Remembering The Future – A Reflection On 2020

Twenty-twenty. When I say those two words I’m not sure if I intend them as a statement or a question. A lot of things could be said about 2020.

It feels like we have been exiled from our homeland, from the way things used to be, from what was familiar and comfortable, and maybe even taken for granted. It feels like we are living in a foreign land, waiting and wanting to go home.

I don’t know when we’ll get to go home. I hope and pray that with the vaccines and continued use of masks and social distancing we can return sooner than later. But I don’t know. So what do we do in the meantime? Continue reading Remembering The Future – A Reflection On 2020

Thankfulness, Thanksgiving, COVID-19

Thankfulness In 2020

“What could we possibly be thankful for in 2020?” That’s the question Steve Hartman of the CBS Evening News recently asked his kids in this video.

I suspect many of us might be asking ourselves the same question Mr. Hartman asked his children. His daughter answered, “Well, instead of saying what we’re thankful for, we could say what was hard for us.” Yes, we could. It’s been a hard year in so many ways. But does difficulty negate or diminish Thanksgiving or giving thanks? Continue reading Thankfulness In 2020

Reading The Book Of Nature

There is “a great book,” Saint Augustine says, “the very appearance of created things. Look above you! Look below you! Note it. Read it.” St. Anthony also knew about this book. Once when a visiting philosopher asked how such a learned man as he got along in the desert without the benefit of books, Anthony replied, “My book is the nature of created things, and … Continue reading Reading The Book Of Nature

The First Sunday Of COVID-19 – A Reflection On Exodus 17:1-7

It was The Third Sunday in Lent. We had planned to celebrate the Holy Eucharist beginning with the penitential order. It ended up being a different kind of Sunday; not your usual Third Sunday in Lent. We omitted the penitential order and began the liturgy with a prayer concerning COVID-19. There was no water in the baptismal font. Instead, the font was filled with small … Continue reading The First Sunday Of COVID-19 – A Reflection On Exodus 17:1-7