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  1. Hello Fr. Mike,
    I often use your homiletic ideas in my homilies. Hope you don’t mind! My parishioners really appreciate them.

    Thank you very much and have a fruitful Lent, Father!
    Fr. Philip

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  2. Hi Mike
    Really enjoy ruminating along with you on all things gospel. Thank you.
    Why aren’t the posts catalogued by date any longer?
    I found it interesting to pick points in history & see you connect the good news with the affairs of the day. Can’t do that so easily with the new site format…or am I missing something somewhere?


    1. John, thanks so much for reading my blog and for your question. I’ve added a “Post Archives” widget in the sidebar. It is organized by year and month. See if that is what you were looking for. I hope it helps.

      Peace be with you,


  3. Like your site. It is very educative. Please Rev. Mike am also very soon to be made a deacon in the Anglican Diocese of Accra, Ghana. I want to partner with you and your church for sponsorship and support of my church in Ghana. I will be glad if you come for my ordination


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