A Good Christmas with Rowan Williams


  1. Fantastic, always had a great amount of time and great respect for Bishop Rowan. He was largely misunderstood here in UK when he was Archbishop of Canterbury which was a shame because this man has a great mind and a deep faith. x


    1. Thanks for your comment Stephanie. It is our loss if we are unable or unwilling to hear and appreciate what Bishop Rowan offers. I hold him as one of the great contemporary theologians and thinkers.

      Peace be with you,


      1. Yes I do too. The man has profound insight and a way of sharing it that injects life and links current relevancy into his vocation. Very similar to someone else I delight in reading Michael…yes I do mean you!


  2. Reblogged this on livinginthemonasterywithoutwallsdotcom and commented:
    I just have to reblog this. Bishop Rowan Williams is one of the greats of all time, a vast mind and deepest faith. Here he shares with us some of his understanding in his own unique way. Thank you Michael for bringing this to our attention and posting originally.


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