Get Up Again

A monk came to Abba Sisoes and said:

“What should I do, Abba, for I have fallen from grace?”

And he replied, Get up again.”

The monk came back shortly after and said:

“What shall I do now, for I have fallen again?”

And the old man said to him,

“Just get up again. Never cease getting back up again!”

–  Sayings of the Elders

We fall – into sin, fear, sorrow, despair…. We can all name the many places and ways in which we have fallen. Sometimes we fall through our own doing, other times through the actions or words of another, and still other times simply by the changes and chances of life. For most of us the real question is not whether we will fall but whether we will get up again. The spiritual journey is one of continually getting back up again.


    1. Their “pedestrian” common sense reminds me that the teachings of the mystics and desert mothers and fathers is not a means of escaping the world, but the means to truly engage the world. Sometimes I would prefer to escape! Peace be with you Joe.


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